Postpartum Care & Lactation  Support

Build your own customized postpartum support plan to meet your family’s unique needs. We can create the perfect combination of daytime and overnight support to enable a smooth transition into life with your newest little one(s).

Every package includes:

  • free consultation and postpartum plan
  • resources and information
  • contracted hours for support
  • phone/text and email support

Regular rates:

  • $25 per hour -daytime shifts (4 hour minimum)                                                                          
  • $25-30 per hour 10pm-6am  (overnight shift)

*Discount Packages start at 24 hours and you can “mix and match” day and night support to make the perfect combination for you. 

It is our belief that all families – no matter their economic standing – deserve a doula. Special pricing, payment arrangements, or other considerations can be made.

Postpartum Doulas are a wonderful gift! If friends or family aren’t sure what to get your family, ask them for some postpartum doula care!

*5% discount for packages prepaid for 24+hours of support.


Lactation support with Shamim


Up to 2 hours private consultation in the comfort of your own home.

  • Cluster feeding
  • engorgement
  • first-time 
  • latch concerns
  • supplementing
  • preemies or multiples
  • pain
  • weight gain or loss
  • pace bottle feeding
  • any other concerns

In-home rates:

  • $100 up to 2 hour visit
    • additional $30/hour after 2 hour session
    • includes phone consultation follow-up within 48 hours
  • $75 per additional in-home follow-up visit(s)

Phone Consultation:

A phone consultation to discuss breastfeeding concerns or questions that can be addressed over the phone.

  • exclusive pumping
  • introducing bottle
  • milk collection and storage
  • nutrition and breastfeeding
  • supplementing
  • treatment for engorgement
  • any other concerns not listed that can be handled over the phone

Over the phone rates:

  • $30~ for up to 30 minute phone call.
  • $60~ for 31- 60 minute phone call
    • $1.00 per minute after