Postpartum Doula Care

How can we serve you ?

We are a team of caring women that come into your home to nurture and care for your family in the first few months after the birth or adoption of a  baby ( or babies). We bring a calm and quiet presence in your home providing quality, non-intrusive services for your new family. As your coach we provide physical, emotional, spiritual and educational support. What we do changes from day to day as the needs of your family change. As Postpartum Doulas, we provide support so your family can enjoy and care for your new baby(s). A large part of the Doula’s role is education sharing information about baby care, guiding family members, and partners to “mother the mother”.

As your Postpartum Doulas We Will

  • Help, support, educate about breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • Support, nurture and encourage you
  • Provide relevant information for mama, baby and family
  • Accompany you to doctor appointments
  • Provide care for newborn and siblings
  • Provide information on baby soothing techniques
  • Help with baby related household tasks
  • Screen for mood disorders and give appropriate referrals
  • Provide local community resources
  • Support partner involvement

Lactation Consultations with Shamim

In-home Lactation Consultation Visit may include:
  • Up to a 2 hour Consultation appointment.
  • Talk about your pregnancy, birth, and how breastfeeding is going.
  • Health history –Mother’s and babys.
  • Describe breastfeeding concerns.
  • Observe 1 to 2 feedings during the 2 hour visit.
  • Weigh and examine baby, along with a visual assessment of baby’s mouth and sucking ability.
  • Observe mother’s latch technique and breastfeeding positioning, offer helpful strategies and suggestions to make breastfeeding comfortable.
  • Work together to increase mothers confidence with breastfeeding.
  • Weigh baby before and after feeding(s) to assess baby’s ability to effectively remove milk from the breasts.
  • Determine a care plan that works best to solve a problem and feels manageable to both mother and father. If necessary a specialist or another health care provider may need to be consulted to help with any issues that may be related to breastfeeding.
  • Supplies provided by the Lactation Consultant during an in-home visit are included in the cost of the visit.
  • If necessary, a consultation report may be sent to yours and baby’s health care provider after (each) visit.
  • After your visit, a Lactation Consultant will follow-up with you by phone within 48 hours after visit.
  • If further in-home or lactation support is necessary, an additional charge will apply (see investment page for details)
  • We encourage all mothers to keep in touch until they feel confident their problems are resolved and breastfeeding is going well.